German-Style Auburn Lager
GB Märzen is burnished copper in color, with a medium dense off-white foamy head. The nose features rich toasted malt aromas of caramel and toffee, with a very subtle hint of darker roast, and delicate fruity yeast esters that suggest sweet cherries. Hops are not particularly prominent in either the aroma or the flavor, although a touch of hop bitterness complements the distinctive caramel and toffee sweetness of the toasted Munich malts. While the overall impression of the aroma and flavor is one of malt sweetness, the Märzen is not cloyingly sweet at all. The beer is medium-bodied with relatively low carbonation, and the finish is semi-dry with lingering sensations of rich malt complexity on the tongue. Given the prevalence of caramel character in the Märzen, recommended pairings include meats that have been caramelized, such as barbecue pulled pork, seared duck breast, or hamburgers, as well as nutty cheeses like Emmenthaler or aged cheddar.


5.8% ABV | 18 IBUs | 2.8% Residual Sugar | Weihenstephan 34/70 Yeast | Hallertau Aroma Hops |  GB Märzen BBQ Ribs