Czech-Style Pilsner

Robustly Hopped Lager
GB Czech-Style Pilsner is a rich golden color, with lucent clarity and a tall, rocky white head. As soon as the bottle cap comes off, the aroma of spicy, herbal hops fills the air, and a closer examination reveals mild Pilsner malt aromas. Flavorful spicy hops, with hints of fresh mown hay, dominate the initial impression on the palate, with a bracing hop bitterness and earthy hop flavors shining through. Hops are definitely the star of the show. The moderate carbonation helps to accentuate the hops, and the beer has a medium-light body and a crisp, dry, clean, bitter finish. The bright hoppy character stands up well to spicy food, including hot Indian curries or jerk chicken, and Czech Style Pilsner also complements very rich items like smoked salmon or pork belly.


5.2% ABV | 30 IBUs | 2.0% Residual Sugar | Weihenstephan 34/70 Yeast | Hallertau and Tettnang Aroma Hops  |  GB Czech-Style Pilsner Mustard