GB operates a state-of-the-art brewing and bottling plant in San Jose, California. We specialize in brewing authentic German-style lagers. In order to brew these beers with the dignity they deserve, we adhere to the German Beer Purity Law called The Reinheitsgebot. Adhering to this purity law means we have strict qualitative processes and controls set in place, differentiating our beer from many other others.

Here are a few things that set us apart:

    1.  We are all natural. We operate a lactic acid plant where we allow some of our wort to sour naturally with lactic acid producing bacteria (the same bacteria used to make yogurt). We then add the soured wort back to the brewing process to allow our beer to reach an optimum pH.
    2. Believe it or not, adding CO2 to our beer would go against the German Purity Law. So, we trap some of the naturally produced CO2  during the fermentation process, and carbonate our beers with what was produced naturally.
    3. We grow our own yeast in propagators or biological reactors. Most breweries reuse their yeast by harvesting it from the previous tank to pitch the subsequent batch. This often causes mutations in the yeast that affect batch consistency. Hence, we utilize a new batch for each brew to have the same “mother” culture from batch to batch.
    4. We don’t add fining agents such as tannins, irish moss, carageenan or ising glass that many other craft brewers add to their beers.  No chemicals or additives are used to produce our beers.